Financial Aid:

Paying for College 101 Presentation (By: Gene Weis from KHEAA)

KHEAA (Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority) Website (many resources)

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - U.S. Department of Education

FAFSA4caster will help you understand your options for paying for college.

FAFSA Checklist 2017-18

United States Department of Education - Financial Aid Website

U.S. News & World Report - Paying for College

(Harvard Institute - Duanne Quinn, Financial Aid Specialist)

Financial Aid 101

Financial Aid 102

Packaging Financial Aid

Student Debt:  It's Now Part of the Admission Process

Gene Weis (Jefferson Co. KHEAA Coordinator) and JCPS has scheduled several FAFSA Completion Events around the city. Here is the link to the list of locations:


These events are open to the community and there is an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship to use at a KY college. (Four scholarships are given state-wide).

Types of Aid

1.   Grants are often based on financial need and generally do not have to be repaid.

2.  Scholarships are often based on some kind of special achievement: academic, athletic, or service. They generally do not need to be repaid.

3.  Student loans are borrowed from the government or school and must be repaid.  Conversion scholarship/grants require you to provide  

      certain services for a period of time, such as work in a low-income area. If you don’t, you must repay the money with interest.

4.  Work study is part-time employment that lets you earn money while taking classes. Your job may be on or off campus.

5.  Tuition waivers eliminate some costs for students who meet certain qualifications.

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