Calm your body calm your mind

   Tip: Practicing meditation and relaxation helps you keep a healthy life balance, and    will be calming in times of stress and anxiety

   Tools: Using these tools or something similar will help your body and mind relax (check out my website for youtube videos or links related to these practices)


  • Practice yoga

  • do a body scan where you focus on various parts of your body, noting tension and focus on relaxing those areas

  • Use progressive relaxation in which you consciously tense up and then relax areas of your body going from your toes to your head.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Tip: Appreciation is good for you! When we focus on things that we are grateful for, we allow ourselves to move past bitterness. 


Tools: Every day think of at least 5 new things you are grateful for. Consider keeping a gratitude journal so that you can look back later as a reminder! While you’re at it, how about thanking at least 1 person every day--an attitude of gratitude is contagious!

I am the Mental Health Practitioner here at Manual/YPAS. This is my second year in this position. Prior to working at Manual, I provided mental health therapy services at Seven Counties Services for 10 years. I obtained my Masters at UofL School of Social Work and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I know that the last 6-7 months have been difficult for many of you, for multiple different reasons. I will be providing Telehealth sessions throughout NTI 2.0 to help support the needs of our students. There is a google form that you (parent, student or teacher) can use to request a check in with a counselor or MHP (me), we will make sure that you have access to that form soon. I am asking that each of you please practice self care, as I said before we are all experiencing difficult times right now, and self care is a simple way you can begin to cope with your feelings and stress. Here is a link for some basic self-care strategies to get you started! I am looking forward to starting up my services again this school year.

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